Baggage Services


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Infant & Child
  • International/Domestic : Same as Adult's Free baggage allowance. In addition a child can bring 1 stroller and 1 Car seat (or Bassinet)
  • International : A infant can bring 1 piece up to 115cm/10kg and 1 stroller and 1 car seat (or bassinet)
  • Domestic : 1 stroller and 1 car seat (or bassinet)


  • The maximum size (width + heights + depth) is 158cm/62in and the maximum weight per bag is 23kg/ 50lb or 32kg/70lb depending on your ticket class and itineraries. Bags between 23 and 32kg (51–70lb) may incur additional charges depending on your allowance.
  • For the safety of the baggage handlers, some countries might restrict any items that exceeds the maximum weight and/or size (width + height + depth) for a single piece, 32kg/70lb, 158cm/62in regardless of seat class and/or extra baggage payment.
  • Service Charge
    Fees vary depending on departure country and destination.
  • Currency
    Departures from Korea will have KRW as standard, while departures from the U.S. use USD , departures from Canada use CAD prices and departures from Indonesia use IDR prices. Departures from other countries will use USD standard price converted based on the exchange rate of the day.